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Descobrir l'Hotel Riomar és gaudir de la Costa Brava
Know the Hotel Riomar is to know your environment L'Hotel Riomar davant l'Empordà The Hotel Riomar is situated on the beachfront of El Riuet, a sandy beach for the practice of windsurfing and kitesurfing. At just three kilometres away, you will find the village of L'Escala, where you can visit the Old Town's, the Promenade, Museum of the Salt and the famous Factories of Anchovies.

The Costa Brava is one of the most beautiful and visited places in the Iberian Peninsula coasts. The history says that the Greek and the Roman came to the peninsula by the Gulf of Roses. The Phocaeans Greek founded the city of Emporium. The Hotel is located at just 2 kilometres from the Archaeological Ruins of Empúries. Modern excavations have discovered magnificent ruins and antique art objects.

At only 12 kilometres away from the Hotel Riomar, there are the Aiguamolls de l'Empordà, a wetland area where you can admire a wide variety of migratory birds.

Figueres is the capital of the region. It is just at 25 minutes by car. This city offers the Salvador Dalí Museum, the famous painter of l'Empordà. In Figueres can also enjoy the Toy Museum.
The true story of the Hotel Riomar, explained by Joan Malé, owner and founder of the hotel Joan Malé, propietari de l'Hotel Riomar The Hotel Riomar is situated on the beachfront of Del Riuet, an ideal beach for practising windsurfing and kitesurfing. At just three kilometres from the village of L'Escala, you can visit the Old Town, the Promenade, the Museum of the Salt and the famous factories of Salaó de anchovies.

In an exclusive interview with Joan Malé, owner of the Hotel Riomar, we will know the 'true story surrounding the Hotel Riomar'. He will talk about the beginnings, the economic situation, the political situation of those times. When did the Malé - Gardella family decide to build the hotel? All started in 1969, when the Franco dictatorship was at its end, when people worked to have something, with much effort and many hours of daily struggle.

In the interview, Mr. Joan Malé, son of Sant Martí d'Empúries, explains that it was him who had the idea of building a hotel in order to seize the touristic boom. Several tourists used to visit the shores of the Mediterranean in order to enjoy the good weather, the nice beaches, the good food and buy typical products that meant a lot for our people.

Mr. Malé explained that he began with a couple of rooms. Little by little, he continued with the idea of getting a true vacation place. The economy in those days was not very good. The 'peseta' had been devalued several times. With the aid of the banks, relatives and friends, he was able to save some money, so he could face the project. They were young and they were enthusiastic, they worked very hard, and they did not stop until the opening of a hotel with face and eyes, a hotel with its own name: Hotel Riomar.

We asked him about the name chosen for the Hotel and he confessed thas it was his idea. He joined the two most important words of the environment: 'River' and 'sea', and so it formed Riomar. According to Mr. Joan, this name would call much attention, because of its geographical place and the circumstances of being between a River and the sea. For all these reasons, Mr. Malé chose this name: Hotel Riomar, a hotel with character and friendly service, where customers and owners get together in a cordial and friendly relationship and trust.

Very soon you will be able to read much more about the history of the Hotel Riomar, thanks to the interview made to Joan Malé Ros by Mercè Malé, daughter of Joan and Public Relations of the Hotel Riomar.

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